Series: Victims of Crime


My Attacker Gets Only 6 Months in Rehab for Sexual Assault

Our Readers Write—A Victim's Point of View. When L. Hartmann submitted a story of her victimization by the system—a six month drug rehab sentence for her attacker in a sexual assault case—we agreed to publish her important story. Her story is not unique and illustrates how often defendants rights are favored over … [Read More...]

Boise Police actively support and help victims, encouraging them to come forward to testify against criminals. An increasing support of victims is one way to ensure guilty defendants don't "get off."

Defendants Favored Over Victims

Opinion: In Our Justice System Defendants Are Favored Over Victims Citizen Journalist Rachel Nduter Victims Forgotten? Like any other place in the world, America remains a country plagued by crime. I don't believe I am alone in thinking that this is partially because we overly favor defendant rights. [box … [Read More...]

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Court News

Anthony Sewell, killer of 11 innocent girls, shown here as the court grants a stay of execution that could delay capital punishment by up to 30 years. He is also appealing his conviction.

Serial Killer “Works the System” Delays Justice

Convicted serial killer Anthony Sowell filed a 400 page court petition today, challenging his conviction, under prompting from a new attorney Jeff Gamso. He was convicted of killing 11 women in Cuyahoga County. Considering the remains of 11 women were found in his house, the appeal is likely a “technicality” ruse—another middle finger to victims. […]

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Series: Capital Punishment

Execution by hanging-crime-report-usa

I Do NOT Support the Death Penalty

One of the main reasons why I do not support the death penalty is the risk, a very real risk, that an innocent person may be executed. My View on Capital Punishment, by Steve Kagwa A court, a government or judicial system may make a wrong judgment and by so doing, execute an innocent person. Can they ever bring back life to a person once they realize the person was innocent? … [Read More...]

An elderly Kentucky man confesses to a third murder to convince state to end his life by execution. He is confessing because he is suffering in a wheelchair and old, not out of a sense of compassion of remorse for the two couples he killed.

I Believe in Death Penalty

Your View: Why I DO/DO NOT Support the Death Penalty Give us your point of view. Do you support or not support capital punishment and why? Have your say. Opinion by M Sivana I believe in capital punishment for cases that involve: raping of children, killing national leaders, mass murdering a group of people, terrorists who spread violence, and the worse homicides. These are people who gave … [Read More...]

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Series: Crime Out of Control

Casey Anthony has a loyal following of "anti-fans" on her video blog on YouTube. This is one of the reasons I think violence is out of control in America. Suspects are glorified, victims are demeaned.

Casey Anthony’s Video Diary: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Defendants become media darlings. Suspected criminals appear on talk shows to massive ratings. And people who, some say, killed children, enjoy YouTube followings. Casey Anthony’s latest video diary earned 655,000 views. Isn’t this part of what’s wrong with American Justice? Is this one reason why “Crime is out of control” in America? More importantly, who […]


When Lawmakers Escape Justice It Makes Laws Powerless

A billionaire family, the esteemed “Red Bull” franchise, bought their son’s freedom from civil justice after he killed a cop. For a paultry $100,000. This made me think about how often this happens around the world as lawmakers, billionaires and other society leaders are able to dodge legal responsibility. We don’t escape this phenomenon here, […]

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Cold Cases


Cold Case: 7-Year-Old Girl Murdered

Ex-Copy Guilty in Oldest Cold Case Murder-Kidnapping Brought to justice after his alibi was obliterated by an ex-girlfriend, 72-year old ex policeman Jack McCullough was convicted in the 1957 killing of Maria Ridulph, a 7-year-old girl he called "stunningly beautiful." McCullough admitted remembering Maria as … [Read More...]

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